Why do you need a travel agent?

Do you fight your own legal case ?

Do you cure your medical problems on your own ?

Do you build your furniture on your own  ?

if the answer is no then same goes for your holiday too. Like a lawyer, Doctor or a Carpenter you need an expert too for planning your holiday.

Their experience will only help you make a flawless itinerary.

Travel Industry is lot technical than you think. The way your air seats are costed to the pricing of a hotel room how it fluctuates, visa procedures to which plan to choose for your travel insurance or getting right foreign currency at right price. The list is endless as these are just the basics, coz once you land in a destination you will have to plan the where to stay, what to see, what to eat and so on. And for someone who does this on a daily basis can definitely do a better job than you do.

All you need is to lookout for a right travel agent, who has travelled well, who has enough years of experience and is able to get your requirements right. But don’t you do that from others too, you don’t find a right Salon for your hair in one go!

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