Travel Mistakes one makes!
Am travelling to London and am looking for a cheapest airfare, am okay to spend long hours in transit.
You end up booking the cheapest airfare possible with a total travel time of 20 hours. You might have saved good money but
  • you wasted one productive day
  • you reached exhausted to your destination
  • spent money in transit for a short hotel stay for a good sleep or food
  • you spent time relaxing at your hotel the first day you arrived.
You plan your trip to Thailand and wish to stay at exotic destinations so you end up booking your stay in Phuket, Krabi & Koh Samui without realizing that these are all beach destinations.
You booked your Bali trip and right before your travel date there’s volcanic eruption and you cancel your trip. You ended up paying 40% of your trip’s expense as cancellations.
You book your flights to Cairo to be on 4 nights nile cruise but later REALISTICALLY cruise is on SPICE days so flights booked are not suitable/// you need an destination expert to iron out any such problems
You carefully planned your holiday to your dream destination – Greece and you REALIZED the timing wasn’t perfect, you TRAVELED in peak, had to face the harsh sun, pay more for hotels. Had you planned well you could have afforded to stay in one of the Luxurious property with a view to die for within your budget.
So relax and let the experts do the job as These are all real stories !

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